Back Forty

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I was impressed with everything they had at this place. Even the cocktails were completely amazing- I don’t normally order cocktails with a meal, but they looked so delicious I had to try them.   I was interested in them because they’re known for using local farms so their menu changes seasonally, which I generally think makes the food taste fresher. The result was a fantastic feast.   I would recommend ordering a side, all three entrees ordered were massive amounts of one item- for me it was the chicken.  Mind you the chicken was perfectly cooked and so delicious I have day dreams about it and sure there was a spoonful of potatoes hidden underneath, but I think that next time I’ll plan on sharing the entree family style and ordering sides.

190 Avenue B at 12th street, New York


Char No. 4

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This was a kind of disappointing experience for me.  Mostly because it is a charming restaurant and all of the dishes seemed original and made with care.  It’s just nothing we ordered was that good.  The cornbread which the waitress highly recommended was dry (and made me yearn for Brooklyn Star to return) and my “crispy sweet potato gnocchi” was about 8 tater tots (sweet potato flavored) on a plate.  I wasn’t even that into the butter pecan ice cream dessert.   The best entrée at our table was the half chicken, and though it was perfectly tender and moist, the flavor was just not great. The waitress also recommended brunch, which might be worth trying.  I’ve also read that they more specialize in barbecue, so maybe we just ordered all of the wrong food.  We’ll see, I may give them the benefit of the doubt.

196 Smith St. btwn Warren and Baltic, Brooklyn

Great Jones Cafe

I can’t get enough of this place. I have a problem when I go there- I always try to order something different every time, but inevitably order the Jambalaya, because it was so good every other time I’ve gotten it. Also the cornbread is comparable to Brooklyn Star’s (my highest honor): just a little bit of jalapeno, and topped with honey. The other night I ordered pecan pie, which I have to admit I’m normally not so huge a fan of pecans (probably from a childhood of gorging myself on pecans off the playground trees during recesses), but the pie was pecans at their best. I highly recommend it. I’m actually not as big of a fan of their brunch menu as I am of their dinner menu, so I recommend trying it for lunch or dinner.

Great Jones at Bowery

Pies ‘n’ Thighs

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If you love fried chicken (which I’m assuming everyone does) or southern food, eat here now. Probably the best fried chicken I’ve had. We ordered the chicken and waffles, the biscuits and gravy and a sweet tea, all of which was gone in less than 10 minutes. The waffles were just the right amount of sweet and the chicken the right amount of juicy. Aside from this being the favorite hipster hangout of the moment, the whole experience was enjoyable. The prices were very reasonable, our waiter was great, and we even left with a cinnamon roll on the house as an apology for being out of donuts (which claimed to be the best in New York). Sadly, the cinnamon roll was not great; don’t accept that as a donut substitute. I’m looking forward to returning and trying some pies, which I’m really hoping are as delicious as their chicken.

Really though, just look how cute the owners are in this picture. This picture alone makes me want to eat there.

North 4th and Driggs, Williamsburg

Jimmy’s Diner

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We were told (by the menu, multiple times) that this was the best fried chicken in Brooklyn and I have to say that I was definitely pleased. We ordered the fried chicken plate and chicken and waffles. Luckily, I’ve already had the pleasure of experiencing chicken and waffles and knew the glory of the dish is hot sauce on the chicken, syrup on the waffle. Jimmy’s Diner tried to mislead us by putting a large bowl of gravy on the table- don’t go there.

Our one disappointment were the fried deviled eggs, which was a risk to begin with, that tasted better once you peeled off all of the fried and just ate it like a normal egg. Though, I have high hopes for the fried pickle chips next time we go.

577 Union Ave between N 10th and N 11th

Unfortunately, Brooklyn Star has suffered from a fire, and is closed until further notice. Best wishes Brooklyn Star, I miss you already…

Brooklyn Star

Last night we went to Brooklyn Star, our favorite restaurant, for Valentines Day.  Its a cozy little place with a huge wood burning oven and a menu composed of mostly southern comfort food.  I think we’ve had almost everything on the menu, and it’s all been AMAZING.  Corn bread, amazing; braised pork shank, mashed potatoes, and collard greens, amazing; dr. pepper ribs, amazing; bread pudding, amazing… I could go on.  The only thing that wasn’t amazing was the Chicken and Dumplings, and it was still good.  Many dishes on the menu include cooking times meaning everything is cooked fresh when you order it.  Due to a bad cell phone picture I have posted a picture courtesy of Brooklyn Star’s website of a similar dish we have had previously.(Smothered pork chop w/ collard greens and a potato side dish)

33 Havemeyer Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn