Blackbird Parlour

You have GOT to be kidding me. I’ve tried this place twice, the first time the service was not great, but acceptable. Went back a second time today with my boyfriend (snowpocalypse 2010) craving a cozy atmosphere and yummy food. We were seated immediately and given menus. The place was maybe 40% full. Very slow.

We waited THIRTY MINUTES to place our order. After numerous times of making eyes at our server, she finally comes over with a totally unacceptable attitude. During this thirty minutes of waiting to order, we saw at least 2 parties order and receive their food. People who came in after us got their food before we even ordered. I made eye contact with her multiple times, signaled for her to come over and we were still ignored.

So when she did take our order, she didn’t write it down. I’ve seen a lot of amazing servers do this. Not her. She had to come back because she forgot what we ordered. We ordered 2 burgers. How hard is that? We also ordered 2 different beers. My boyfriend got his and after 5 minutes mine didn’t show up. We pulled over a new server (who I think was the owner) asking where my beer was. He told me they were out of Magic Hat. So that means our server just didn’t tell us they were out and decided I’d be better off with NOTHING.

Now, onto the food. The burgers were actually quite yummy. I know the slow service did not in any way represent the kitchen.

I will never give Blackbird Parlour any of my money ever again. The two tables on either side of us had the exact same problem. It seemed as if our server just decided to ignore our side of the restaurant. The couple next to us discussed walking out, as did we. But after trudging through the snow and finding several places closed, we were quite hangry (hungry+angry) and didn’t want to give up the prospect of full tummies. I can’t believe this establishment allows its employees to act this way.

BTW, according to our bill our server’s name was Malo.

197 Bedford Ave, Williamsburg


Campbell Apartment

I went here on Monday night for a friend’s birthday and if you’re ever in the mood for a fancy bar, this is it. It feels like it’s straight out of a Mad Men episode- everyone’s drinking martinis or scotch and looking glamorous. It’s located inside Grand Central Terminal, though you have to enter from the outside, and apparently, was originally the station master’s apartment. The drinks are delicious, though expensive (about $13 for the cheapest).  No sneakers and jackets are required. Enter from Vanderbilt.

15 Vanderbilt Ave, New York