Blue Hill


In a rare act of fanciness, I agreed to spend more than $30 at a restaurant and went to Blue Hill.  I could taste the difference.  Though very expensive ($75 for the “farmers feast” price fix), they served easily the best breadsticks I’ve ever had, and a variety of pre-meal treats, as well as a palette cleanser in the middle.  My favorite of these were 2 “cheese burgers” that were the size of those gummy cheeseburgers you find at the convenience store- I’m still laughing at them being called cheeseburgers.  We shared the farmers feast and the Grilled Cobia (fish) which was just about the right amount of food for two.  I think my favorite had to be the “This morning’s farm egg” appetizer, each bite tasted differently and equally delicious.  I cannot actually say anything negative about any of the plates, they continually blew my mind.  Well, maybe except for the desserts; we finished off with the chocolate bread pudding and honey crisp apples, that were both delicious but only about the size of my thumb.  I usually need a little more dessert on my plate than Blue Hill has to offer.  All of the plates were on the small side, so I would suggest using this to try as many different dishes as you can.  It was really worth it, even if I can only afford to do it once a year.   On a side note, I’m no win connoisseur, but we did the thing that no one does and ordered the cheapest wine on the list (which is still $48) and it was completely amazing.  I strongly recommend the Domaine Grand 2009 from Cotes du Jura, France.  And yes, I’m only writing this so I can have it written down somewhere for the next time I go to a wine store.

75 Washington Place, between 6th Ave and Washington Square W


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