Char No. 4

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This was a kind of disappointing experience for me.  Mostly because it is a charming restaurant and all of the dishes seemed original and made with care.  It’s just nothing we ordered was that good.  The cornbread which the waitress highly recommended was dry (and made me yearn for Brooklyn Star to return) and my “crispy sweet potato gnocchi” was about 8 tater tots (sweet potato flavored) on a plate.  I wasn’t even that into the butter pecan ice cream dessert.   The best entrée at our table was the half chicken, and though it was perfectly tender and moist, the flavor was just not great. The waitress also recommended brunch, which might be worth trying.  I’ve also read that they more specialize in barbecue, so maybe we just ordered all of the wrong food.  We’ll see, I may give them the benefit of the doubt.

196 Smith St. btwn Warren and Baltic, Brooklyn


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