Kesté ranked #1 in 2009 by New York Magazine so Tim and I took our quest to find the best pizza here, to the east village. Of the two pizza places that have made up our quest, I’ve ranked this as the best pizza. We ordered the Margherita and the Keste Pizza, of the two my favorite being the Margherita. The dough and the sauces were more flavorful than Motorino’s, and over it was just delicious pizza. Unfortunately, like Motorino’s, the atmosphere left something to be desired, it felt a little too generic (some store somewhere is making a killing from all these pizza places buying black and white photos of chefs making pizza dough). It was nice that you could hear Italian spoken everywhere from both waiters and guests, which would have made it feel more authentically Italian if not for the terrible easy-listening station playing over the crowd. However, pizza was great, the waiters were nice and there wasn’t a wait (at 6:30 on a Tuesday) so it was overall a very enjoyable experience.

271 Bleeker Street, between Jones St. and Cornelia


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